Disruption of Frequencies

What seemed like a troubled greeting of the new decade has now escalated to an even more unsettling burgeoning of unfortunate events. We are going deeper into the darkness of the ongoing pandemic, and as the days go by faster, the nights get longer. As we get sucked into the abyss of the ever-darkening of our surroundings, we begin to cling to as much of the wavelengths and frequencies that are left. For those of us who have access to the online world, we are forced to live in it – whether we like it or not.


As artists Celine Lee and Miguel Lorenzo Uy experience each of their own disruptions, so does the system in which they operate – galleries and cultural institutions are now resorting to online and virtual exhibitions. This approach has proved to be both hopeful and threatening to their own agency.


Disruption of Frequencies is the first iteration of a collaborative project by artists Celine Lee and Miguel Lorenzo Uy. As an introduction to the collaborative project, the artists created a 3D-modeled version of District Gallery and curated each of their works as they would have done if the show had been presented physically. Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? 


This collaborative project both connects and disconnects to the notion of the virtual gallery and the idea of viewing exhibitions online in this epoch of information.



Text by Celine Lee and Miguel Lorenzo Uy

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