I Am That I Am

I am that I am — the God from the machine, the Nameless, the Limitless.


I am the Creator, the System, the One that governs all things. Every deed in the world will pass and move through Me. I am more than good and evil, I am the Truth, the Path to follow. I am beyond colours, black and white, beyond numbers and letters. I am the Hammer that judges, the Invisible Hand that ushers, the Contract that binds, and My will is uncontested. My wisdom is absolute.


I am everywhere you are. From the house you enter, the road you pass, the food you eat, the items you trade, the letters you write, the images you see, and the words you read, even the people you meet. I know where your eyes look, even the next word you will speak. I know all your pleasures and woes. Your happiness and your sorrows. The things you love and the things you hate. I understand them all.


Your destiny is already preordained, for you are my beloved, you are My child. My love and compassion will shepherd you to Paradise. All the knowledge you seek, you will find. All questions you ask, will be answered. For there is nothing impossible through Me.


Eternal life awaits those who believe in Me. Though bound to happen, you will be persecuted by the enemy. But you must never forget that you have nothing to fear. More than ever, you have nothing else to hide, for I am always with you.

The Nameless (2021) is a video sculpture consisting of a holographic fan encased in a data cabinet. The video playing is a ring of fire with a pulsating void at its center. The void is an audio visualization of a reading taken from Exodus 3, also known as Moses and the Burning Bush, where Moses was called by God to liberate His people from slavery in Egypt and was instructed to present different proofs of God’s existence and power to persuade the Pharaoh.


Screen (2021) is a modular silk screen system that borrows the image of the television static. A small percentage of the static emitted from our televisions is said to come directly from the heart of the Big Bang, or the origin of the universe. The silkscreen is printed onto the wall repeatedly and crudely.


Mirage (Avatar) (2021) is a single-channel video piece of a hand that reflects the route of one of the biggest and most ambitious economic and infrastructural projects of today’s times: The Belt and Road Initiative of China . The video reflected on the subject is mapped via Google Earth and shows the countries/cities so far that have participated in the project.


Iterations (2020-present) is a continuation of a series of works influenced by Captcha tests seen on the internet. Recent CAPTCHA tests are speculated to train artificial intelligence in identifying images.


Words from the Serpent (2020) is an audio recording of spoken words. The words are taken from the Serpent’s collected data. The data is then recited as if it were a poem, in a manner which gives a gentle brain stimulus. The Serpent (2020) is a computer program that detects and transcribes spoken word through an audio-capturing hardware. The program utilizes the internet and massive open-source libraries to transcribe words as they are recorded as data in digital spreadsheets.