Mirage (Unknown Figure)

Artist’s notes:


What appears to be a cosmos of twinkling stars that pan around an infinite space within the frame is actually lights from a smartphone’s camera flash. The darkness in the background is a void of digital displays— all of which are turned off, hence the blackness.


Floating at the center is a mirror-like form that appears to resemble a monolith of some sort. The monolithic figure’s dimensions are taken from roughly the average height, width and depth of a human being (I averaged the male/female dimensions from different sources in the internet). The stars (camera flashes) twinkle and pan around the figure, and the figure is somehow hard to see unless it is closely inspected.


The camera angle changes every minute, slowly revealing the figure (mirror)  through different positions and movements. Camera movements and angles vary from a wide shot to a close up of the mirror, slowly gliding through the edges and around the figure itself.

Mirage (Unknown figure), Single-channel video, QLED display, 2023