Other Projects

Disruption of Frequencies

Disruption of Frequencies is the first iteration of a collaborative project by artists Celine Lee and Miguel Lorenzo Uy. As an introduction to the collaborative project, the artists created a 3D-modeled version of District Gallery and curated each of their works as they would have done if the show had been presented physically. Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? This collaborative project both connects and disconnects to the notion of the virtual gallery and the idea of viewing exhibitions online in this epoch of information.

Flatbed Scans

Left: Untitled (Flatbed Scans), 2019, Single-channel video, artist’s frame, 6 min, 17 secs, Box dimensions: 43.5 x 43.5 x 38 cm

Right: Historia Plasticarum, 2019-ongoing, Flatbed scans compiled to a .pdf


exhibited within seawall by Poklong Anading

The Grey Area

Passage No. 1: Body, Soul, Remains, 2018, Single channel video, exhaust system, cast grout and wood, incense sticks

After lighting a stick of incense, its smoke is then sucked through the exhaust system where it becomes digitally embodied. The digital copy of the smoke extracted from the exhibition space, thus becomes perpetuated; and the box where the vessel stands is where the copy is kept.