The Normal

Artist’s notes:


Reflection is a continuation of The Normal, a series revolving around the laws of reflection of light. As light is used as an instrument of measurement
in different scientific applications, it also has its philosophical implications. This piece is inspired by my encounter of a certain .gif created by a mathematician that tries to explain and visualize how the universe, space, and time expands. The image is like a tree that grows with its roots and branches
expanding on all sides and directions in a somehow distorted-like manner. I like the idea of how the branch of a tree becomes a manifestation of the
universe and how nature has its order of things.

The Normal (Reflection), 2020, tree branch, concave mirror (100mm diameter), size variable

Artist’s notes:



When two mirrors are placed perpendicular to each other the image reflected is like that of a non-reversing mirror. I explored the law of reflection of light, simulating an experience where the viewer would see oneself in his own reflection as how others would see him/her.

The Normal (Incidence), 2019, mirrors fixed perpendicular to each other, each: 30 x 52 x 60 inches