Wind, and water

Miguel Lorenzo Uy: Wind, and water


Opening one’s eyes and finding oneself in a flurry of narratives entails a point in the body vulnerable to disharmony. Stories in a feed of information desperately call for your attention. It becomes practical therefore to devise an efficient method of telling a story, that is to reduce the entire picture to a single frame: a focal point that speaks, captures, and simplifies the whole landscape. The digital age has acquainted human thought and principle with different, often clashing, ideologies. Democracy of information has resulted in more layers, more sides, more stories – in history, theories, and beliefs. The flow comes in and goes out – from all corners and directions.  


Miguel Lorenzo Uy shifts to the medium of painting – deriving images from photographs he has taken, cropping it, and rendering a small portion of the picture. He devotes much of his time to observing, perceiving, positioning, composing; then to the process of transferring – from the photograph to the canvas. Uy also remounts a sculpture in the exhibition together with a newly produced video work.


In his second solo exhibition, Uy calls for deconstruction, presenting a gathering of energies: those flowing in the stream; constantly travelling through channels; and those that freely drift with the breeze – a congregation of energies that shape us, direct our actions, and govern our ways of living. How then do we respond and navigate to and through the way of life we are currently situated in, where narratives are instant and often orchestrated, manipulated, and exploited? How has this culture propagated a new way of thinking in the era of post-truth? To whose appeal then shall we listen to? And where do we place ourselves when the flow of information suddenly ceases?

Wind and water, 2019, single-channel video projection loop, artist-produced wood casing